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WCHS's Past


There is much to be proud of from WCHS's past, and much to be optimistic about for our future and the continuing acceptance and growth of homeopathy in our province.

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2005 - 2009

2000 - 2004

1995 - 1999



March:  After informal discussions and meetings for over a year, the WCHS Founding Board  files for incorporation under the BC Societies Act.

June:  West Coast Homeopathic Society of BC is formally incorporated by the BC Ministry of Finance on June 9, 1995.

July:  Our first 4-page newsletter is released, edited by James Hillen.

September:  Members of the Founding Board introduce WCHS and homeopathy at an information booth at the Health Living Expo in Vancouver.



March:  Representatives of WCHS set up an information booth and present a talk on homeopathy at the Wellness Show in Hope.

June:  Copies of the first WCHS Professional roster are distributed.

June:  WCHS holds our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the School of Theology Building, UBC on June 29th. The first elected Board of Directors is comprised of:

  Susan Broznitsky, President
  Bev Sharwood, DHom(UK), VP and Professional Representative
  Monique Marcq, Treasurer
  Rachael Fox, Student Representative
  Lucie Marq, Student Representative
  Christian Blatt, Public Representative



June:  At our second Annual General Meeting, the Board announces new contact information for the Society, an increase of membership fees to $25, and a total membership of 115.



June:  A total of 34 homeopaths are listed on the new WCHS roster of homeopathic practitioners -- most of whom are still practicing and remain members 10 years later!

November:  WCHS hosts a special information meeting to discuss the options of the homeopathic profession in BC and the benefits and limitations of self-regulation under the Health Professions Act.

December:  A holiday season celebration brings together students and practitioners and raises nearly $1,700 to help support new initiatives for 1999.



August:  WCHS sells T-shirts and memberships at the NASH Conference in Vancouver and co-sponsors with them a welcoming and laid-back beach party.

September:  "Volunteerism and Building Committees" is the theme of the 1999 Annual General Meeting held at the Theology Building, UBC.



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