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Canadian Academy of Homeopathy
Under the leadership of André Saine, offers an advanced home-study video course and other programs in homeopathy for health care professionals.

Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine
Offers part-and-full-time training in homeopathic medicine, under the leadership of Raymond Edge in Toronto.

Dynamis School for Advanced Homoeopathic Studies
Site of Jeremy Sherr's advanced course on classical homeopathic studies and the Dynamis database of homeopathic provings.

Homoeopathy Online Education
David Little's "cyberspace academy" offers long-distance education and an impressive library of homeopathic reference material.

Introduction to Homeopathy Online Course
For beginners, this is the most comprehensive and reasonably-priced introduction available online -- ask about 10% discount to WCHS members!

Luminos Homeopathic Courses
Offers in various locations an advanced Homeopathic Master Clinician Course with Louis Klein and homeopathic seminars.

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy
Established in 1995, this school offers a four-year programme that presents theory, philosophy, history, and materia medica, with a great emphasis on clinical training so that graduates feel prepared to practice.

School of Homeopathy, International Program
Long-distance courses from Misha Norland's highly-respected School of Homeopathy, based in Devon, England.


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