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This page offers a comprehensive list of websites that will help beginning users learn more about homeopathy.  Please note however that the following sites are independent of West Coast Homeopathic Society, which takes no responsibility for any connection made with them.

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Homeopathe International
Provides links to a huge online repository of homeopathic books and articles.

Homeopathy Timeline
Best source of homeopathic history and biographies on the Net, based on Julian Winston's definitive Faces of Homoeopathy.

Modern Herbal
This classic reference by Mrs. M. Grieve contains rare information on cultivation, folk lore, and traditional uses of many plants found in homeopathic materia medica.

National Center for Homeopathy
This US-based organization aims to promote health through homeopathy by providing general education to the public and specific education to homeopaths.

Online Organon of Medicine
Invaluable comparison of the 5th and 6th editions of the Organon, including both versions where substantial changes have occurred.

Taking the Case
Will Taylor's ongoing series of articles on the basics of casetaking and homeopathy.

WebElements - The Periodic Table on WWW
A useful reference for studying the Periodic Table.


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