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WCHS Annual Conference
featuring Michal Yakir


Michal YakirIn view of limitations arising from the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have re-scheduled our annual conference theme and speaker to 2023.  We're delighted that internationally-acclaimed homeopath, Michal Yakir, will speak on “The Wondrous World of Plants with Homeopathy.”  Michal will present a new approach to understanding and prescribing flowering plants, revealing how they are equivalent to human evolution and the individual development of the ego, peppered throughout with case studies.

Michal Yakir has practiced classical homeopathy for over 30 years.  She is recognized throughout the homeopathic profession as the author of  Wondrous Order; Systematic table of homeopathic plant remedies, which represents her own unique approach to understanding the relationships between plants.  This is illustrated through a plant table of columns and rows similar to the mineral charts of Jan Scholten.  The result for users is the development of a deep awareness of a correlation between the evolution of plants and the evolution of human consciousness.  This realization makes case analysis, as well as remedy recognition and understanding, much more effective and insightful.

Homeopaths seeking to improve the effectiveness and consistency of their casetaking and case management will find that this weekend introduces key elements of the wondrous order found in the classification system in the Table of Plants.  This reveals the correlation between the evolution of plant development and that of human consciousness.  The result is to achieve deeper insight into remedies and cases based on the relationship of stages found in the column and row system of classification.

The first volume of the "Wondrous Order" publication focuses on flowering plants.  Michal is currently completing a second volume on ancient plants (e.g., mosses, ferns, lichen, etc).  

Having taught for nearly twenty years, recently Michal has focused on spreading her approach around the world.  We warmly welcome her to Vancouver!

Additional information about Michal Yakir’s unique approach to the order of plants is available online at:  
~ Michal Yakir:  Wondrous Order of Plants 

~ Michal Yakir:  Theory of Plant Evolution; an introduction 

~ Michal Yakir:  Classical Homeopathy meets Universal, Evolutionary Approach 

~ Mahesh Gandhi & Michal Yakir:  A dialogue on The Theory of Plant Evolution

~ Homeopath in the Hot-seat:  Interview of Michal Yakir by Vatsala Sperling

~ Interhomeopathy:  A Brief Overview of the Table of Plants


Dr Mahesh Gandhi wrote about Michal Yakir:
"I have had an opportunity to learn from Michal Yakir her novel understanding of plants from development point of view.  It makes a lot of sense to me and has changed my outlook towards plants.  I am using her ideas in my practise with excellent results.  She has made the plant kingdom very understandable by her simple yet deep understanding of them based on the concept of evolution of plants.  It is indeed a very fascinating and a practical work. It gives an additional dimension to our understanding of known plants and also helps us prescribe some yet unknown plants with confidence.  It is a very extensive work which can help us prescribe more efficiently in our daily homoeopathic practise.  It compliments all that we know about plants from other teachers like Sankaran and Scholten.  I would recommend every serious homoeopath to learn it as it will prove to be a useful tool in helping us help our patients."


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