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Our 6th Annual Conference was held on Saturday, April 25, followed by a post-conference seminar on Sunday, April 26.  The venue was once again the beautiful Arbutus Club in Vancouver.  Feedback was uniformly positive, with many requests for more of the same at future events.

The day began early with professional coach, Juliet Austin, speaking on Keys to a Successful Homeopathic Practice.  Juliet discussed concepts and guidelines for what it takes to build a successful and rewarding private practice, while maintaining our own values and the integrity that is inherent in homeopathy.  Topics covered included key business requirements, discipline-building techniques, and effective marketing strategies.

Following a break to socialize and view exhibitor booths, the audience was treated to presentations from three WCHS members who shared their experiences with "Volunteering Through Homeopathy".  Barb Gosney used a slide show to illustrate a candid review of her successes and misses as a volunteer at the Families for Children orphanage in India.  Barbara Resendes discussed her life-changing experience with the Abha Light Foundation in Kenya.  Closer to home, Roland Guenther introduced the new Side-by-Side project in Vancouver that is working with individuals wanting to overcome addiction through homeopathy. All speakers were deeply moving and inspiring!
Volunteering Through Homeopathy - pdf with speaker's bios


Keynote Speaker:  Krista Heron

After a delicious lunch break, Keynote Speaker Krista Heron, ND, DHANP, spoke on Creating a Therapeutic Relationship, demonstrating through cases how attunement, empathy, self-disclosure, and projective identification can be used to deeply understand the patient. This theme was further expanded on during Krista's full-day seminar the following day. By surveying the various approaches and methodologies currently available, she was able to illustrate ways that homeopaths can develop our own uniquely personal approach to casetaking.


Annual General Meeting & Fundraising Raffle

The conference concluded on Saturday with our Annual General Meeting, followed by another of our popular Fundraising Raffles. These raffles are a major source of revenue for the Society and we are extremely grateful to the many donors who provide gifts for this purpose. Thanks go to the following donors who provided many exceptional prizes for this year's Fundraising Raffle:

Fundraising Raffle Prizes

WholeHealthNow: New, Old and Forgotten Remedies 10-week multimedia course

Homeopathic Symposium: THREE 1 month Practitioner Subscriptions

Teleos Homeopathic Centre: Gift certificate to one day video introduction to Rajan Sankaran seminar: October 16, 2009 in Vancouver

Karen Allen: Case Supervision Session

Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians: Subscription to Simillimum journal

Arbutus Website Design: Gift certificate for setting up one-page Brochure Style website

Gentle Health: Spring 2009 issue of Homeopathy & You newsletter service

Julie Anne Lee: Gift Certificate for initial animal consultation

Boiron: TWO Travel Remedy kits

HomeoCan: Emergency Remedy kit

Louis Klein: Clinical Focus Guide, Vol.1 by Louis Klein

Marilyn Hirsekorn: Pictographica Homeopathica by Marilyn Hirsekorn

Minimum Price: Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton

Freya Shaw: Homeopathy for Horses by Susan Shaw

Anonymous: Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky

Peace Arch Homeopathic Centre: Homeopathic Revolution by Dana Ullman

Robin Logan: "7" Cream and Lip balm

Shauna Kovach: Univera Supplement product

Canadian Society of Homeopaths: 2010 Membership Discount

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