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The theme of this year's conference was the many interpretations of "Homeopathy ... for life".  Homeopathy can help to save a life, can change a life, can become a lifelong approach to maintaining health and wellness, etc.  This theme was reflected throughout the Saturday and Sunday presentations, as well as the Annual General Meeting held late Saturday afternoon.

2014 Conference & Post-Conference Photos

Saturday Presentations

Saturday morning featured two well-received presentations from local homeopaths, Rehanni Khaseipoul, DVM, CCH(Candidate) and Sonya McLeod, CCH, RCSHom.

Speaker Rehanni Khaseipoul

Rehanni spoke on "Barking Dogs and Hissing Cats; what your companion animals can tell you about their health", in which she introduced concepts for trained homeopaths to recognize useful signs and symptoms in our animal companions and to translate their mysterious language into the lexicon of the repertory.





Speaker Sonya McLeod

Later, Sonya discussed results of a local proving of the Northwestern crow (Corvus caurinus), reviewing the themes and significant elements of this new remedy in a documented case.






Keynote Speaker - Karen Allen 

Speaker Karen Allen

This year's keynote speaker, Karen Allen, CCH returned to Vancouver for the first time in nearly a decade.  Her Saturday afternoon lecture covered therapeutic approaches to the wide range of hematomas, from minor bruising to subdural and epidural bleeding and complications during pregnancy.






Annual General Meeting

Board2014 2015The Saturday conference came to a close with the Annual General Meeting, which concluded with the election of a new Board of Directors.  The new Board is comrised of Kathryn Final, Muhammad Iqbal, Shauna Kovach, Ram Saini, and Jo Twiss.




The AGM ended with another fundraising raffle featuring an array of great prizes.  We sincerely thank the donors who supported WCHS with their generous gifts for this important fundraising event!  See photos of the raffle winners at the bottom of this page.


Sunday Seminar

Karen's Sunday full-day seminar addressed the challenges of identifying what is individualizing and characteristic in a case and demonstrates a clear and concise method to recognize the various voices with which the client speaks to us - the voice of the miasm, of a body system, of a medical event, or of environmental poisoning.  Attendees left with a powerful new toolkit for engaging with patients more accurately and successfully.

WCHS 2014 AGM Fundraising Raffle

"MacRepertory Classic Package V" Homeopathic software - - Donated by Synergy (formerly Kent Homeopathic Associates)
"History of Homeopathy" DVD course with Kim Elia - - Donated by Whole Health Now
"Counseling for Homeopaths" course by Karen Allen - - Donated by Karen Allen
"Orchids in Homeopathy" written by Lou Klein - - Donated by Luminos Homeopathic Courses
"Homeopathy and the Elements" written by Jan Scholten - - Donated by Anonymous
"Animal Mind, Human Voices" written by Nancy Herrick - - Donated by Judy Chorney
2- Drawer remedy storage unit with 52 remedies - - Donated by Boiron
Emergency Remedy Kit - - Donated by Homeocan
Gift Basket of in-store products - - Donated by Finlandia Pharmacy
2 passes to "Tuesdays with Laurie" study session - - Donated by Laurie Dack
Cold Laser Therapy session for animals - - Donated by Rehanni Khaseipoul, DVM
Metabolic Balance Nutrition Basics - book - - Donated by Metabolic Balance
$35 Gift Certificate towards 2015 Membership - - Donated by Canadian Society of Homeopaths
FREE Pass to 2015 WCHS Conference - - Donated by West Coast Homeopathic Society

2014 Conference Raffle Winners

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