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WCHS Conference and Annual General Meeting - April 26, 2008

West Coast Homeopathic Society celebrated its 5th annual Conference to enthusiastic comments such as "the best yet", "an inspired selection of speakers", and "looking forward to next year!".

Featured speakers Julie Anne Lee and Roland Guenther headlined the morning session.

Speaker:  Julie Anne Lee

Julie spoke on practical and political issues affecting animal homeopathy in BC and proudly introduced The College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine, of which she is Vice-President. She sees exciting new possibilities for veterinary homeopathy that will combine the strengths and skills of both veterinarians with homeopathic training and homeopaths with veterinary training.

Speaker:  Roland Guenther

Roland provided an introduction to C-4 remedies, which offers a solid support for the patient's healing journey, and their basis in Hahnemannian teachings. He described the unique process involved in group experiential preparations of these remedies, which include all aspects of existence of a human being: the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual. Thus, C-4 homeopathic remedies assist us to find the deepest desire of our soul, the purpose of our life, and help us to follow our soul's calling with ease and grace.

Keynote Speaker:  Douglas Brown

Later in the afternoon, Keynote Speaker, Douglas Brown presented a perfect complement to the morning presentations, discussing the therapeutic field that develops between homeopath and patient as the healing process takes place. Doug shared his journey and reflections on the ways in which our own respective journeys affect our interactions with patients and he challenged us to consider not only what it means to be a homeopath, but a healer. These themes were elaborated upon the following day at the full-day Post Conference seminar.

Annual General Meeting

The WCHS Annual General Meeting followed, with encouraging news from the Board about past activities, future goals, and a healthy balance sheet. A new Board of Directors was elected, compromised of Leah Bratt, Laura Geberdt, Shauna Kovach, Margo MacLaren, Ram Saini, Manjit Singh, and Jo Twiss. Congratulations to them all!


The day ended with another hugely popular fundraising raffle that offered over 2 dozen homeopathic prizes. Many thanks to all the following donors for making the Raffle such an entertaining and financial success!

2008 AGM Fundraising Raffle:

WholeHealthNow: RADAR Essentials Package

College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine: Gift Certificate for $300

Luminos Homeopathic Courses: $150.00 Gift Certificate to Jan Scholten seminar, October 24-26, 2008

Alypsis: Helios First Aid Remedy kit

Boiron: 2 draw set of 53 Multitudes Remedy kit

HomeoCan: First Aid Remedy kit

HomeoWise: 3 - First Aid 12-Remedy kits

WholeHealthNow Books: Essential Synthesis by Frederik Schroyens

WholeHealthNow Books: Textbook of Homeopathic Language by Frederik Schroyens

Marilyn Hirsekorn: Pictographica Homeopathica by Marilyn Hirsekorn

Minimum Price Books: Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton

Freya Shaw: Homeopathy for Horses by Susan Shaw

Anonymous: Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky

Peace Arch Homeopathic Centre: Homeopathic Revolution by Dana Ullman

Banyen Books & Sound: Introductory Guide to Homeopathic Medicine by Rima Handley

Access Natural Healing Centre: Univera Supplement Product

Robin Logan: "7" Cream

Canadian Society of Homeopaths: Discount off membership for 2009

Canadian Society of Homeopaths: Introducing Homeopathy manual

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