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2010 Conference

Sunil Anand


West Coast Homeopathic Society kicked off celebrating our Society's 15th anniversary at the 2010 Annual Conference in Vancouver.  The Saturday session started with a summary of highlights of each of the past 15 years, including recognition of the many individuals, past and present, who have contributed towards the creation and growth of the Society.  It was made clear that our community owes so much to so many.

Other highlights included members of Vancouver's Side-by-Side Homeopathy who shared their experiences as volunteers with homeopathy and reported on the project's development and effectiveness.  Their efforts to improve the lives of the less fortunate are truly inspiring.

In the afternoon, Ram Saini spoke on "Lanthanides in Theory and Practice; taking and managing auto-immune and chronic diseases".  This fascinating presentation on the rare earth elements provided an overview of themes according to Jan Scholten's analysis of the Period Table.  It was especially helpful to review cases demonstrating the effectiveness of this group of remedies in treating modern ailments.


Post-Conference Seminar with Sunil Anand

This year's post-conference seminar featured Sunil Anand, who presented many cases to illustrate the effectiveness of the Sensation Method.  In particular, he highlighted areas that will help us refine our approach to casetaking and managing both acute and chronic cases.  As these cases demonstrate, it is only when we can perceive what it is that needs to be healed in the patient that we can be clear about how to manage the case confidently and how to address acutes that crop up, until the patient is termed as cured.  It was an inspirational and insightful workshop for the attendees, with the promise of achieving more precision in our use of the Sensation Method.


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