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Saturday workshop:  Seeing the Proving in the Patient

Sunday seminar:  Finding the Proving in the Case; how proving symptoms can enhance analysis and case management

Peter Fraser is an internationally-recognized homeopath, author, publisher, editor, and educator who was born in South Africa and grew up in Canada and the UK.  After discovering homeopathy, Peter studied with many of the best modern homeopaths, including Misha Norland, Janet Snowdon, and David Mundy.  Currently he and his wife Caroline Dent are in the process of moving to Vancouver to take over the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy.

In conjunction with The School of Homeopathy, Devon, Peter has worked on many provings, including: Anti-matter, Badger, Condom, Falco, Heroin, Herring, Lava, Locust, LSD, Marsh Orchid, Sparrow, and Knopper Oak Galls.

Peter Fraser is author of a number of published articles and 11 books, including The AIDS Miasm, books on Snakes, Spiders, Birds, and Insects, and the series Using Maps and Systems in Homœopathy.  His current project is a supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Materia Medica that will include many new homeopathic remedies.

Peter is especially interested in diseases of our times such as chronic fatigue syndrome, allergic reactions, hyperactivity and concentration disorders, auto-immune disease, and HIV.  For more information, see Peter Fraser's website.



Saturday Presentation:  Basic Business Skills for the Successful Private Practice

Juliet Austin returns after a popular presentation in 2009 that covered marketing strategies for a homeopathic practice.  As a former therapist, Juliet understands the challenges of starting a private practice with no previous business experience.  Now a Marketing Coach and consultant for therapists, coaches, and healing artists, she specializes in assisting health professionals to build their own successful private practices.  For more information, see Juliet Austin's website.



Saturday Presentation:  Not Too Hot to Handle; homeopathic remedies for radiation exposure

Sonya McLeod is a freelance health writer and Classical homeopath who practices in Vancouver, BC.  She took training in homeopathy at the Vancouver Academy of Homeopathy following successful homeopathic treatment for a life-altering chronic condition.  A frequent contributor of homeopathic articles for the popular media, Sonya helps to spread public awareness of homeopathy through a number of publications.  For more information, see Sonya McLeod's website.

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