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WCHS Annual Conference - April 27 to 29, 2019

featuring Sunil Anand


Arbutus Club, 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver, BC


Sunil Anand 2018You are warmly invited to join us in welcoming back to Vancouver the internationally-acclaimed homeopathic physician, author, and lecturer, Sunil Anand.

Speaking on Homeopathic Casetaking of Adults and Pre-verbal Children, Sunil Anand will expand our understanding and practical use of homeopathy, as well as enhance our awareness of treatment and management options involving advanced and irreversible pathologies, metabolic disorders, and developmental disorders such as ADHD and the autism spectrum.


Additional information about Sunil is available online at:

Interview, 2017 in Homeopathy 4 Everyone

Biography, 2010 by West Coast Homeopathic Society

Homeopathic Case Taking in Children


We hope that you will join us and Sunil Anand for this special three day study opportunity!


See the links on the right for details and the registration form, or contact our office at:
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When I was in Bombay, Sunil Anand gave a wonderful lecture on the Silver Series. It was beautiful to see how he handled cases, a great learning experience. One can see the influence of the Bombay Group in the depth of case taking and precision of finding the essence. One can also see his refinement in how he handles the patients; instilling trust so they can open up. As a result, the pictures are beautiful and clear.


Sunil Anand also deserves extra special mention. I owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. His participation in this book actually started many years ago when I first began to learn about the treatment of children under his amazing tutelage. Sunil has a well-deserved worldwide reputation as the leading expert in child cases and it has always been a source of great satisfaction that I have had the privilege of learning from him over the years. His combination of a calm and gentle manner, amazing perception, and vast knowledge is a benchmark for any of us who treat children to aspire. Dr Anand’s contribution of cases with comments and analysis has made this book far better and instructive than it otherwise would have been. As you read and learn from his cases in this book, I am sure you will gain as much as I have.
~ LINDA JOHNSTON, MD (“The Child’s World: New approaches to the homeopathic treatment of children”)


Sunil Anand is an exceptional homeopath. I have been under his care for the past 2 years and never have I felt more supported health-wise. . . He has extensive experience, tremendous skill, and a true spirit of service. I have been in contact with him countless times and always he was prompt to reply and to help us with a remedy. I feel very grateful that he is our family homeopath.
~ TANIA BOUCHON (former WCHS Director)




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