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Information Booths

WCHS has sponsored homeopathy information booths since our incorporation. Qualified members work together to answer questions and explain homeopathy to the public, usually at health and wellness fairs.
Some of our events are listed below:

2016 Vancouver
2016 Cloverdale
2015 Vancouver
2012 Vancouver
2011 Vancouver
2010 Vancouver
2007 Vancouver
2004 Victoria
2003 Vancouver
2003 Vancouver (AIMS)
2003 Victoria
1999 White Rock
1996 Hope
1995 Vancouver

WCHS Booth


A key mandate of the West Coast Homeopathic Society is to inform and educate the public about homeopathy, which includes the following:
· Introducing the term homeopathy to the general public so that it eventually becomes a household word and is clearly identifiable as a distinct system of medicine;
· Explaining homeopathy as a viable option for those looking for other forms of health care;
· Educating the public about the basics of home use prescribing;
· Sponsoring public education and information events such as health fair presentations and special programming;
· Participating in Homeopathy Awareness Month activities and promotions.

WCHS was formed in response to the widespread lack of understanding about homeopathy among the general public, the media, health-related businesses, and government institutions.  Several recent national polls have identified homeopathy as one of the 3 most popular forms of alternative health care in Canada.  Yet homeopathy is probably the most mis-understood system of medicine in the Western world, often confused with either herbalism or holistic health care.

In many cases, we have just one chance to reach an individual with accurate information about homeopathy.  For this reason, WCHS intends to make the most of all opportunities to explain homeopathy in person, whether it is through health fairs or special programming in lecture or workshop format.  To facilitate this, a Public Education Committee was formed in December 2001 to establish guidelines and a support system for those members who will be representing the Society at these events.

If you would like to get involved with creating and maintaining a support system for our on-going public education commitment, please consider joining the Public Education Committee.  We would also like to hear from you if you are interested in sponsoring (initiating and organizing) a programme in your community.

Please contact Judy Chorney at 604-803-9242 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your ideas and suggestions!

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