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Two memberships in one!

Membership in West Coast Homeopathic Society is linked to that of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths through an Affiliation Agreement signed by both Societies. In this way, a single application provides membership in both related provincial and national associations.

Membership application goes through the Canadian Society of Homeopaths - please check their website to get more information about fees and application forms.

The Canadian Society of Homeopaths was created in 2006 by the Board and members of West Coast Homeopathic Society in response to recent political events and in order to better represent the interests of the WCHS membership that had grown to span the country. The CSH established a national Professional Register that represents qualified Canadian homeopaths and assures the public of high professional standards and accountability. The CSH also took over co-ordinating projects that affect members in all provinces - such as Membership, Homeopathy Awareness Week, Media Response, and Political Action - leaving WCHS to focus on community building and local implementation of professional concerns.

The WCHS Board can confidently recommend the Canadian Society of Homeopaths to our members because we have been closely involved in its creation. With the help of a Steering Committee, by using WCHS as a template, and by establishing the CSH founding Board of Directors, we are assured that the WCHS organizational structure and philosophy of inclusiveness will carry over to the new Canadian Society of Homeopaths.

This website will help you become familiar with West Coast Homeopathic Society, our goals and philosophy, and our commitment to public awareness and education and to speaking up for homeopathy in the face of political or media challenges. If you like what WCHS has done in the past, you will like what the new Canadian Society of Homeopaths will do in the future.

The WCHS Board invites you to read more about the Canadian Society of Homeopaths and to take this opportunity to join both Societies while Earlybird discounts are in effect.


Membership Options


REGISTERED:  Professional homeopaths entitled to use "RCSHom"


ASSOCIATE:  Professional homeopaths preparing for registration


STUDENT:  Receiving formal education


FRIEND:  Supporters of homeopathy


For details see CSH Membership page


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