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Annual General Meetings


1995 - 2015


Each year members of West Coast Homeopathic Society have an opportunity to come together with the Board of Directors at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The Board reports to the members present on activities and financial statements from the previous year and on goals for the future.  The members have an opportunity to question the Board about their reports, and to raise new issues or propose motions that pertain to the purposes of the Society.  Near the end of the AGM, members are required to elect new officers to fill vacancies on the Board.

Our AGMs are open to anyone with an interest in the activities of West Coast Homeopathic Society.  However, only members in good standing (paid up members) are entitled to participate in the discussions and voting.

According to provincial regulations, incorporated societies are required to hold the Annual General Meeting during the first six months of each fiscal year.  For the past many years, our AGMs have been scheduled at the end of the annual conference, usually on the last Saturday of April.

Reports of recent Annual General Meetings are available in the Members' Area.



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