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April 25 - 27, 2015
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Joshi, Shachindra & Bhawisha

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Tuesdays with Laurie Dack
in Vancouver


April 25 – 27, 2015
in Vancouver
WCHS Annual Conference







Homeopathy Quiz

In a 6-year study at a hospital in Bristol, England, how many patients treated with homeopathy reported improvement for their chronic conditions?

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70% - 14.3%
80% - 85.7%
Welcome to the West Coast Homeopathic Society


1995 - 2015


We hope that you will join us at this year's conference as we celebrate our 20 years of achievements and service to the homeopathic community!

To mark this special milestone, this year we're doing something completely different at our annual conference:  an intensive 3-day series with the "Dynamic Duo", Shachindra & Bhawisha Joshi.

Based on over 15 years of study and clinical experience, the Joshis are leading interpreters of in-depth materia medica and kingdom differentiation.  They are widely known as insightful and effective teachers, sharing their unique approach to the sensation method that provides a clear, focused, and reliable system for rapidly revealing the patient's simillimum.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to study in Vancouver with this dynamic and inspirational homeopathic couple!

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Serving Homeopathy in BC since 1995


The West Coast Homeopathic Society of BC (WCHS) was founded to serve the homeopathic community in British Columbia, representing the professional and political interests of qualified homeopaths and promoting homeopathic awareness and education.  The Society was founded on the basic principles and practices described by Samuel Hahnemann in his book, The Organon of Medicine

West Coast Homeopathic Society sponsors a range of activities that support the following general aims to:

  • Expand the visibility and recognition of homeopathy through print and electronic formats, as well as public events

  • Co-ordinate our public education programming to inform and educate the general public about the benefits of homeopathy

  • Facilitate the study of homeopathy through self-study & the Internet, lectures & informal study groups, and formal education

  • Provide a directory and referral service of professional members in BC to help the public locate a qualified homeopath in their communities

  • Support professional homeopaths in BC through affiliation with the Canadian Society of Homeopaths

  • Strengthen the sense of community among our members and with members of other homeopathic groups

  • Increase the profile of Classical Homeopathy within the alternative health community

  • Continue to monitor and respond to developments by governments and other organizations that affect the availability of homeopathic medicines and Classical homeopathic treatment in BC

  • Inform members of recent developments in the field of homeopathy and upcoming events and educational opportunities across Canada


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For more information about homeopathy and WCHS activities, please phone 604-803-9242 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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