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Carole summer photo2Carole Summer returned on Sunday for a full-day presentation titled The Labyrinth of Birth with Homeopathy in the Childbearing Year. By combining her extensive experience as both midwife and classical homeopath, Carole provided an inspiring and in-depth perspective to treating women and their reproductive issues.

Encouraging an informal Question and Answer format, Carole reviewed the midwifery and obstetrical models of care and homeopathic treatment during pregnancy, labour, and delivery. She also used cases to illustrate the homeopath's role in guiding pregnant patients through their fears and expectations and enabling them to trust their bodies and the homeopathic process.

In the same way that the medical world uses pregnancy and childbirth to inculcate patients into their medicinal paradigm, Carole demonstrated how we can bring families into our homeopathic practice by treating women during this vital childbearing year. She strongly believes that through the homeopathic process of preparing women for motherhood and their children for a healthy life, homeopaths can establish bonds of trust and confidence that will bring whole families into their homeopathic practice.

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