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Information Booths

WCHS has sponsored homeopathy information booths since our incorporation. Qualified members work together to answer questions and explain homeopathy to the public, usually at health and wellness fairs.
Some of our events are listed below:

2016 Vancouver
2016 Cloverdale
2015 Vancouver
2012 Vancouver
2011 Vancouver
2010 Vancouver
2007 Vancouver
2004 Victoria
2003 Vancouver
2003 Vancouver (AIMS)
2003 Victoria
1999 White Rock
1996 Hope
1995 Vancouver

WCHS Booth


2016 Vancouver Health Show


2012 Vancouver Health Show


2011 Vancouver Health Show


2007 Vancouver Health Show

2007 October Vancouver Health Show sm


2003 Alternative and Integrative Medicine Society

WCHS participated in the AIMS with an information booth:


2003 Victoria Health Show

WCHS participated in the Victoria Health Show with an information booth:





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