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Farokh Master 2018West Coast Homeopathic Society is delighted to welcome Farokh Master to Vancouver to speak at this year’s annual conference.  Farokh is an internationally recognized and distinguished homeopathic physician and lecturer whose speaking commitments include over a dozen events each year.  These primarily occur in Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the US.  This is his first speaking opportunity in Vancouver with West Coast Homeopathic Society.
A prolific writer of both books (now at over 50 titles) and numerous articles on homeopathy, Farokh is also developing a huge following with his online lectures through Whole Health Now.  

Other lectures and segments of talks are available for viewing online through Youtube, some of which can be viewed at:
·        How to Treat Advanced Pathological Cases
·        Understanding of the Therapeutics of Neurologic Remedies
·        How to Study Materia Medica
·        Homeopathic Treatment for Children
·        Master Class of Dr. Master: Nux vomica
Recognized as one of the most well-known homeopaths in the world, Farokh turned to homeopathic studies after rejecting earlier training in medicine.  He completed his homeopathic training in 1980 and his MD (Doctor of Medicine) in 1994. 
Farokh has been practicing classical homeopathy full time since 1980, during which time he has amassed a wealth of clinical experience that forms the basis of his extensive teaching career.  His special field of interest includes treatment of diseases with advanced pathology like septicemia, acute and chronic renal failure, respiratory failure, cardiomyopathies, autoimmune diseases, and advanced cancer.  He also treats patients in coma from post head injuries, cerebrovascular accidents, or encephalitis.
Will Taylor says of Farokh Master:
"I’ve attended many seminars of teachers attempting to innovate in homeopathy, promoting novel ways of working - only to find myself puzzled as to how to apply these teachings back at home in my practice.  Farokh drilled down to the essentials - how to observe at a case, how to extract the characterizing information, how to find this represented in our literature and recognize simillitude in a remedy.  There was something here for everyone - essential foundations for the well-established practitioner as well as for the novice.  As an “old man” now in this profession, I returned with new inspiration and enthusiasm to apply to my practice and teaching."
Other testimonials of Farokh Master from around the world are available here.
We warmly welcome Farokh Master to our 2018 annual conference!


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