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Jayesh Shah 2017

Jayesh Shah is a senior consultant and faculty at the Other Song Academy - International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, based in Mumbai, India.  Homeopaths from all over the world go there to learn new theories and concepts that have given a new impetus to homeopathy and revitalized the field.  Homeopaths can now achieve, through the application of reproducible methods, previously unimaginable levels of understanding of the patient.

Internationally, Jayesh Shah is a renowned homeopath and lecturer with a wealth of clinical experience spanning more than thirty years.  Known for his skillful approach in understanding patients, he has developed a unique method of casetaking using meditative and other intensive techniques to explore the patient’s deepest core issues, leading to an essential level of understanding, awareness, and healing.

Jayesh Shah has been one of the main organizers of a number of seminars in Mumbai and Goa and has conducted numerous seminars and courses around the world.  He is a highly sought after teacher all over India and internationally in Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the US.

He has contributed numerous provings, including Rattus rattus, Tantallum met, Rubidium met, Cadmium met, Cadmium sulph, Lotus, Indian red pond lily, and Nuphar luteum.

Jayesh Shah is also the author of the book Into the Periodic Table.



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