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March:  After informal discussions and meetings for over a year, the WCHS Founding Board  files for incorporation under the BC Societies Act.

June:  West Coast Homeopathic Society of BC is formally incorporated by the BC Ministry of Finance on June 9, 1995.

July:  Our first 4-page newsletter is released, edited by James Hillen.

September:  Members of the Founding Board introduce WCHS and homeopathy at an information booth at the Health Living Expo in Vancouver.



March:  Representatives of WCHS set up an information booth and present a talk on homeopathy at the Wellness Show in Hope.

June:  Copies of the first WCHS Professional roster are distributed.

June:  WCHS holds our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the School of Theology Building, UBC on June 29th. The first elected Board of Directors is comprised of:

  Susan Broznitsky, President
  Bev Sharwood, DHom(UK), VP and Professional Representative
  Monique Marcq, Treasurer
  Rachael Fox, Student Representative
  Lucie Marq, Student Representative
  Christian Blatt, Public Representative



June:  At our second Annual General Meeting, the Board announces new contact information for the Society, an increase of membership fees to $25, and a total membership of 115.



June:  A total of 34 homeopaths are listed on the new WCHS roster of homeopathic practitioners -- most of whom are still practicing and remain members 10 years later!

November:  WCHS hosts a special information meeting to discuss the options of the homeopathic profession in BC and the benefits and limitations of self-regulation under the Health Professions Act.

December:  A holiday season celebration brings together students and practitioners and raises nearly $1,700 to help support new initiatives for 1999.



August:  WCHS sells T-shirts and memberships at the NASH Conference in Vancouver and co-sponsors with them a welcoming and laid-back beach party.

September:  "Volunteerism and Building Committees" is the theme of the 1999 Annual General Meeting held at the Theology Building, UBC.



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