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Serving Homeopaths and Homeopathy in BC since 1995


From our inception, the purposes of the West Coast Homeopathic Society have been the following:  

West Coast Homeopathic Society is managed entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to advancing the understanding, informed use, and availability of homeopathy in British Columbia.  Our members are our greatest asset, working on committees and projects to co-ordinate, prepare, and put into action the many initiatives of the Society.  One member in particular is Judy Chorney -- Membership Secretary extraordinaire -- who co-ordinates all our activities, supervises many of our large projects, and promptly handles the dozens of queries that come into the office every week.



An enthusiastic team of volunteers is the life-blood of a non-profit society such as ours, which directs all its revenue towards activities that support our aims and vision for the future of homeopathy.  Read MORE about volunteering!



From the very beginning of our Society, the homeopathic business community has provided generous support.  As a result, WCHS can offer our members a number of membership benefits, including discounts from individuals, businesses, and organizations.  In particular, a select group of pharmacies and natural health outlets provide discounts to our members on all single remedies.  See list of Retail Supporters.



Some of these homeopathic businesses and many members have generously donated funds and gifts in support of WCHS Fundraising projects.  This additional source of revenue makes it possible for the Society to expand its activities while maintaining affordable membership dues.  Read MORE about our fundraising projects!